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I am using a normally braided mid-term absorption profile suture because I am performing interrupted stitches due to their lack of  tissue damage on the bowel segment. Can I perform interrupted stitches with a monofilament suture without any risk of intestinal loop damage?
The monofilament’s raw material contributes to achieving a product with the desiderable flexibility which enables extra non-traumatic, convenient handling on the knotting edges thus preventing damage to the bowel segment when a is performing an anastomoses with interrupted stitches.

Should I perform the same number of throws with a monofilament as with a braided suture material?
As a general rule you  should not perform any extra throw. However is recommended one or two extra throws for beginners.

Can I perform an anastomoses with a continuous stitching technique with a monofilament product?
With any flexible and minimum memory product from our wide Monofilament range, you will be able to perform a continuous stitching technique with non traumatic tissue passage, respecting the revascularization of the wound edges and reducing stenosis risk in tubular organs.

Can a monofilament material prevent Surgical Site Infection?
Although there are no clinical studies about this aspect, the absence of capillarity of a monofilament material minimize the possibility of spreading the infection. In addition the absence of interstices consistently reduces the probability of become resistant bacteria on its surface [1].

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