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Dafilon® – Your reliable partner for dermal, plastic and microsurgery

Non-absorbable Polyamide monofilament suture

A reliable suture

The precision extrusion production process confers Dafilon® with its outstanding properties:

  • High tensile strength even in the case of fine sizes for micro surgery and ophthalmology
  • Elasticity to ensure compact and safe knotting
  • Appropriate flexibility for easy handling and tissue adaptation
  • Reduced memory effect
Smooth passage through tissue

Exceptionally smooth surface: atraumatic when passing through the tissue.

Less infection promoting effect

Thanks to its monofilament structure, Monosyn® Quick helps minimize infection spreading.

Performing needles

Dafilon® is strengthened with performing needles with different body and tip geometries to better meet surgeon’s requirements in every indication. The DSMP needle (3/8 circle reverse cutting needle with precision point) with its hand made micro-tip is highlighted by its excellent penetration in strong and flexible tissues.


Because of its properties and structure, Dafilon® is mainly indicated for
Micro-vascular surgery and