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Monosyn® – The surgeon's choice

Mid-term synthetic absorbable monofilament suture made of Glyconate

Monosyn® is the excellent mid-term absorbable synthetic monofilament suture of B. Braun for the suturing of soft tissues. It provides the distinctive characteristics of a modern suture in order to achieve remarkable surgery results.

Smooth passage through tissue

Exceptionally smooth surface: atraumatic when passing through the tissue.

Less infection promoting effect

Thanks to its monofilament structure, Monosyn® helps minimize infection spreading.

Very good degradation profile for soft tissue suturing

The degradation profile of Monosyn® assures secure adaptation of most soft tissue throughout the critical wound healing phase.

Low tissue reaction
  • The Monosyn®'s unique glyconate structure causes low tissue reaction and helps reduce patient discomfort
  • Rapid mass absorption within 60 to 90 days
High knot security

Monosyn® offers a remarkable flexibility compared to the market standard allowing easier knot-tying and an excellent knot security.

Excellent initial knot-pull tensile strength

Monosyn® is characterized by a high knot-pull tensile strength which is even superior to that of the market standard.

Excellent handling parameters

Monosyn® provides advanced handling properties that allow a high knot security with only a few throws.


Monosyn® is indicated for soft tissue approximation and more particularly for: