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Monomax® – Specially engineered for abdominal wall closure

Extra Long-term synthetic absorbable monofilament suture made of
Poly-4 Hydroxybutyrate


Ideal degradation profile for Abdominal Wall Closure (AWH). Thanks to its unique degradation profile, Monomax® provides sufficient wound support during the healing process of the abdominal wall.


The unique "Shock-Z" absorption profile provides wound compliance (adaptation) to acute or constant intra-abdominal pressure conditions, resulting in extra security for high risk patients (wound infection, wound healing disorders, obese patients, ...).


Monomax® handling properties overcome the stiffness of alternative products used like Polypropylene or Poldioxanone, assuring an effortless and atraumatic wound closure, even under stress conditions.

Monomax® is up to 3 times more pliable than any other monofilament suture. Monomax® provides optimal adaptation to wound edges during the complete wound healing process, avoiding additional suture-related consequences like blood supply alterations or tissue tearing.

Product USP Size 1 Pliability [mN]
Polyprobylene 1665
Polydioxanone 1550
 PGLA Braided 225 
Monomax® 380
Thanks to the elasticity Monomax® provides:
  • Easy and safe knotting behaviour
  • Ideal adaptation to any sudden movements of the wound

Smoothness and Uniformity
Uniform monofilament structure helps to prevent infections. Additionally it provides a smooth passage through the tissue.


Abdominal Wall Closure
As described in many studies the strength recovery of the abdominal wall requires approximately 2 months to regain 50% of its original strength. The usage of an extra long lasting suture should be recommended and is the most suitable option to close the abdominal wall after midline laparotomy.