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Glossary Sutures


Suturing can be variously defined as follows:

Suturing is the basic part of surgery technique in all medical specialities.
Suturing consists in ensuring good adaptation of body tissues for proper wound healing.
Suturing is a skill that requires good technique and the right material.

B. Braun plays an important role in the field of surgery and by way of its Aesculap division offers customized devices and services for operating theatres.

Renowned for its know-how and expertise, B. Braun participates in the development of surgical techniques by taking into account surgeons‘ needs and offering a continuous training programme.

B. Braun has been making sutures for over 100 years and contributing to advancement in this field by providing users with state-of-the-art material.

Its European centre of excellence in Barcelona is in charge of R&D, production and distribution of these products.

B. Braun wide range of products caters to all the uses, needs and requirements of all the surgical disciplines and also to surgeons‘ preferences.

This glossary provides useful information to help you choose a suture material and discover what we at B. Braun have to offer in terms of sutures and the very latest innovations.