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The Monofilament Advantage

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The monofilament advantage in
Abdominal Wall Closure

Surgical Sutures

Main complications

Wound infections account for the most frequent postoperative complication.
Additionally burst abdomen is observed in 1 to 3 % of the patients within the first days after a midline laparotomy. [1]
We have to take into consideration that the incidence of incisional hernias 12±1 months postoperatively is estimated to be up to 20 % (range 9 to 20 %). [1]
Consequently, the problem of the therapy of the incisional hernia is not sufficiently solved, considering that up to every second patient suffers a relapse after its closure (range 30-49 %). [1]

Abdominal fascia healing period

Studies show that the Abdominal Wall fascia requires approximately two months to regain 50 % of its original strength. [2]
Extra-long term reliability is needed to facilitate a correct healing of the Abdominal Wall fascia.